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Day 26: Community Pimping

artaxastra and I are running potcfest, an all-pairings, all-characters Pirates of the Caribbean fest. You can submit prompts from now until September 3, and claiming of prompts will begin September 4.

You don't have to be planning to write for the fest in order to submit a prompt, so prompt away. The rules, deadlines, and the prompt submission post are here -- check it out!

Where is Everyone?

Mods -- feel free to delete this post becaus it is unrelated to any activity or prompt -- but I just had to ask -- is this community still active?  There hasn't been a post in almost a month.  Where is everyone?  Are there not going to be anymore activities?  Of course, I understand that this was a comm mostly for looking forward to the new movie, and now that it's out, there's nothing to look forward to.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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Inland Rules- Norrie Drabble Series #19

Title: Inland Rules
Author: cymbeline 
Characters: Jack & Norrington
Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them for a little while, no profit in it for me. Mouse. Pirate.
Author’s Note: Events take place before 'Dead Man's Chest'... James followed Jack into the hurricane, but the real storm is brewing afterwards.
“An Island” prompt from potc_dogwatch , “Worn” and “Truth” from Black Pearl Sails
The night air was heavy and stifling...(cut to my journal)
horses - art by laurel burch

Mod post – collecting GJ and IJ names for the PotC fandom

In case anyone in our fandom doesn't know yet, fandom has had another incident with Six Apart's TOS. Two artists have had their journals permanently suspended: ponderosa121 and elaboration. You'll note that neither comes up as a strikethrough as they did when journals were deleted in the last go around with Six Apart, but only as bolded names now.

All across my flist are posts about new journal names for greatest journal and insane journal . Oops: almost forgot journalfen, but I understand that's not quite as accessible.

While I admit that PotC seems less affected by this right now, it's important that we can find each other should we leave LJ. I'm asking that any of you who have made new journals or comms in GJ or IJ, please post links to them here. ETA: Most of the journals linked below are placeholders, very few of us have done more than create a journal, just in case. Please still leave your information even if it's a placeholder.

If you're a member of another PotC comm, please pass along the information to stop by this post and provide us with a way to reach you. Or, if your comm does the same thing, please provide a link to that post here as well.

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singe a la licorne

#7: Barbossa

Wonderful activity topic!  And a chance to pimp my fic!

As far as I'm concerned, Barbossa's real name is Hector Cardew Tink and he used to be a wrecker in Cornwall.  I'm not sure how he came by the monkey, but I know he loves little Jack dearly.  Why else would he put up with the antics and the constant chattering?

I've just posted the third Nuts Out of the Locker fic about Barbossa and the Jacks here, with links to the previous two.  All the backstory and monkeys you can eat.  (Actually, the monkey's off-stage in Nuts 3, but he'll be back.)

Barbossa also narrates Hector's Bargain, which is almost serious and has lots about how Barbossa met Jack, life on the Pearl before and during the mutiny, and Barbossa's deal with Tia Dalma.

Can I add an extra question: what is really going on between Barbossa and Tia?

pre-AWE drabble challenge responses

Title: Daydreaming
Prompt: 7, A place in the world
Rating: G
Pairing: E/N...ish
250 words. 

Title: Enough
Prompt: 22, Spices
Rating: G
Characters: Elizabeth, her son
300 words.



Title: Clipped Wings
Prompt: 25, Prison
Rating: G
Characters: Elizabeth
200 words.  I don't really like the last couple of lines, but was stuck for another ending...let me know what you think!


I'm not sure if I said this before or not, but I don't have a PotC beta so all constructive criticism is very much welcome =) 

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More Than a Deck and a Sail: Chapter Three

A response to potc dogwatch challenge
Author: compassrose7577
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack, Gibbs and the Black Pearl
Disclaimer: I own or claim nothing. I would, if I could, but I can’t so I don’t.
A/N : In response to a question posed in potc dogwatch, asking if there were any validity to the thinking that perhaps Jack might give up on his quest for the Black Pearl, I started this one-shot. But, as many of you have experienced, our dearly beloved characters tend to take over and lead us on voyages far longer we never intended to go.

A couple points: First, there is some validity to the treatment of Jack’s gangrene. It’s taken directly from an experience my husband had while in the service. Second, my husband has been sailing for nearly thirty years. When I posed the question to him if Jack might give up on the Pearl because of all the problems (as posed in the potc-dogwatch challenge) he nearly choked on his oliveburger. “Never” is the part of the response I can repeat here.

It’s unbeta’d, since I’ve overloaded my beta-fairy already. So any mistakes, point the pistol toward me. Comments are always a welcomed sight for sore eyes. Good or bad, please let me know. If it’s really bad, the ‘delete’ key is but a finger’s length away.

Find Chapter Two
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