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Drabble Table

I believe the count is at 30 days, yes? I'm posting the drabble table for fabu, so welcome to the countdown! I know I'm looking forward to reliving all the great experiences that PotC has brought me these last three years, from the fiction to the meta to the great people I've met.

Remember, these drabbles are more like guidelines, post one a day, post a bunch, use only a few of them or make them 100 words or not. It's your soul choice to do them or not.

We came up with more than 30 prompts for 30 days, instead of limiting them, I made two sets, one more general set and one more specific to our fandom.

~ General Piratey
01 Savvy 882
02 Gold Batten down the hatches
03 Sunset Pie
04 Sorrow Wenches
05 Storm Undead Pirate Monkey
06 Freedom Rum, sodomy and the lash
07 Treasure Parley
08 Directional The pirate's code
09 Hope Sea Turtles
10 Anger Silent as the grave
11 Eunuch Keelhaul
12 Helm Kissing the gunner's daughter
13 Truth Rigging
14 Cannon The opportune moment
15 The sea Flagitious wig abuse
16 Home Tattoos
17 Touch Peas in a pod
18 Lust More like guidelines
19 Rum snip, snip
20 Compass Swash, swash, buckle, buckle
21 Lies Mutiny
22 Any character(s) from PotC The navy
23 Death No truth at all
24 Tales Tortuga
25 Hangman's noose Privateer
26 Anchor Shiver me timbers (clichés)
27 Maps Bit of a stick
28 Voyeurism A ship's articles
29 Any actor(s) from PotC Marooned!
30 Cutlass Port Royal

Mel will be along soon for the first of our discussions. Don't forget, you're encouraged to post responses in your own LJ as well as here.

Smooth sailing, and bring me that horizon.
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