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Worldbuilding for Shipwreck city/cove/island ... err sea turtles!

Well, I can't say it's nine weeks after AWE (guidelines!), but I'll call this the ninth weekly activity at least...

"Shipwreck City, in Shipwreck Cove, on Shipwreck Island proves one thing – that while pirates are clever clogs capable of the most ingenious evil schemes, they are an unimaginative bunch when it comes to naming things. Once inside this rogues' refuge, however, you'll see plenty of evident of their resourcefulness – in recycling other people's belongings. The whole place is built out of derelict and broken ships, and you'll find shops selling weapons, instruments and jewellery. It's a surprisingly homey hangout with pirate urchins playing in the streets and hungry buccaneers building a homemade barbecue out of old torture equipment."
PotC: The Complete Visual Guide page 88

According to the visual guide, this city in a cove is located inside a volcanic crater, the only entrance to it is called The Devil's Throat. Is that all the information we have on this fascinating place? In her post here , glinda4thegood said she'd love to have a worldbuilding session concerning this island (can it be called an island since it's water surrounded by land?)

Already, it's been mentioned in the comments of her post that it's possible the city moves, or it's located in the Caribbean, the Azores, Madagascar, or the Caymans.

And what about those damn sea turtles?

I'm turning off comments here so we can all congregate in one spot in her post.
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