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30 days to go!

Welcome to the potc_dogwatch thirty-day countdown to Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End.

Today's activity is the drabble table. Of course, you're not expected to write all of these today, but feel fee to add these to the comm anytime you like.

Logistical Stuff (aka Guidelines):

You're welcome to comment with a response on this post, but I encourage you to make a separate post with your reply (since that makes it easier for everyone to read the responses), and also to crosspost your thoughts/fic to your own journal.

Please remember to cut and label all spoilers for AWE, that includes pictures.

You're invited to do any of the activities whenever you like (in other words, you can respond to this activity at any point in the month). When you post in this community, please include what day's activity you're responding to in your subject line. You can tag them if you like, but don't worry, I'll follow up and do it.

Drabble Prompts
30 Settling debts
29 A change in the weather
28 Tentacles
27 Sea shanties
26 Uniform
25 Prison
24 Thirteen years
23 One good deed
22 Spices
21 Off the edge of the map
20 Time's run out
19 Currency of the realm
18 Letters of marque
17 King of the cannibals
16 Time and tide
15 An island
14 A touch of destiny
13 Port of call
12 Buried treasure
11 Lessons
10 Sealed in blood
09 Leaving
08 Oaths and promises
07 A place in the world
06 A wayward wind
05 Open water
04 Deception and lies
03 Friendly persuasion
02 Swords
01 Loyalty

Thank you to penknife and watersword for some of the prompt suggestions.
Tags: awe: 30 days, fic
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