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At World's End

If I miss tagging an entry, let me know!

Miscellaneous bits:

Mod posts

Drabbles and fiction – all month

Misc AWE information - may contain spoilers

Daily Activities prior to PotC3:

30 days to go - drabble table

29 days to go - Share an early PotC memory with us

28 days to go - Ten character mixer (What is this meme really called?)

27 days to go - Reincarnation - who would your favorite character come back as?

26 days to go - Pimp your pirate community

25 days to go - Research

24 days to go - Plot bunny breeding program

23 days to go - PotC song mix

22 days to go - Post a memory in character

21 days to go - Fandom feedback

20 days to go - My character

19 days to go - Somebody should totally write that

18 days to go - Rec the reccers

17 days to go - The good bits (favorite snippets or scenes from fanfic)

16 days to go - My fandom

15 days to go - icon conversations

14 days to go - Expand your horizons

13 days to go - Personal canon/fanon

12 days to go - Where are the mothers?

11 days to go - Superstition and Magic

10 days to go - Fannish love letters

09 days to go - Icon love

08 days to go - Meta

07 days to go - Starter sets

06 days to go - Introduce yourself

05 days to go - Ships - the boat kind

04 days to go - 'Ships - the relationship kind

03 days to go - Rewatch CotBP

02 days to go - Rewatch DMC

01 day to go - First impressions: AWE

Weekly Activities post PotC3:

Misc bonus prompts

One week after - PotC drabbles

Two weeks after - Fanon and unanswered questions

Three weeks after - Captain of the Flying Dutchman

Four weeks after - Epic Stories

Five weeks after - James Norrington

Six weeks after - Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl

Seven weeks after - Captain Barbossa

Eight weeks after - The Pirate Lords
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